The Client

Connect is a hypothetical international design conference that explores the relationship between culture and design. More specifically, Connect uses the theory of Anthropological Design to help curate a series of talks, workshops, and events that inform and inspire both upcoming and experienced designers.

The Opportunity

To develop and brand a conference that is specific to designers and creatives, which cultivates the sharing and understanding of human cultures and how they relate to design.


donut graph of focus areas for stasher
secondary logo for connect variation one
secondary logo for connect variation two
plus symbols act as color swatches for the color palette
typography for connect conference. caslons egyptian as headline and display copy and marco as body copy

Photo Style

Black and white photography gives the conference a timeless feeling and ensures images stay close to the color palette of the brand.

a crowd of people sitting in a room listening to someone give a presentation


Each attendee recieves a wristband to wear inside of the conference, which includes a QR code that links to their personal account within the mobile app. This code can also be used to unlock special interactive experiences during the conference. The QR code can also be accessed digitally.

wristband mockup with qr code graphic that shows name of conference and attendee
wristband mockup with qr code graphic that shows name of conference and speaker
photo mockup of an arm wearing an applewatch. the connect conference wristband graphic is visible on the applewatch screen

Interpretation Services

Because the conference is international, bluetooth headphones are available to conference attendees if they would like to attend a talk given by a speaker who does not speak their native language.

mockup of an iphone showing the bluetooth connection screen and airpods sitting nearby
image of three people standing side by side looking at their smartphones and smiling


To help customize the user's conference experience, as well as make networking with fellow designers during and after the conference easier, I designed a mobile app that would gather information about the user and then recommend connections and specific conference events and workshops that are unique to the user.

Competitor Research

graphic of strengths and pain points for linkedin
graphic of strengths and pain points for shapr
graphic of strengths and pain points for weave

By looking at existing networking apps, I found that nearly all of them place the responsibility to set up face-to-face meetings with fellow designers on the user. Creating a networking app that is unique to the Connect conference provides the user a neutral meeting ground to help establish relationships with other designers.

Long Term Goal

To establish my long term goal, I began by asking myself a series of questions related to the app.

long term goal questions

User Flow Map

Creating a user flow map helped me determine which screens and features must be included in the app.

userflow map showing path of the user within the mobile app
image of mobile app user with facts about him

The User

This user came from interviewing fellow designers who are just graduating or in their first few years of their career. This user finds it difficult to network with other designers, especially seasoned professionals.

Paper Prototypes + Usability Testing 1

lofi sketches of connect mobile app screens with callout comments


During the first round of usability testing, I realized that the sign-in process was taking too long and felt redundant, especially if the user creates an account using LinkedIn.

Wireframes + Usability Testing 2

connect app wireframes with callout comments
connect app wireframes with callout comments


I moved into wireframes to solidify my userflow and begin testing some basic UI elements. I realized I needed to increase the overall type and button sizes, and make sure the elements were consistent so that the user isn't having to relearn app functions as they use it.

Final Design

connect gif

Getting Started

The user can login using their LinkedIn account information. The app will connect to their LinkedIn and gather data to begin building their Connect profile.

Interests + Goals

Selecting interests and goals allows the app's algorithm to later suggest connections and events to the user.

connect app confirm info, select interests, and select goals screens
connect app bio, connect now, and sign up for event screens

App Suggestions

The app recommends connections and events for the user during initial profile setup to help get them started.


Once the user completes the initial setup, they are taken to their profile. From here, the user can access the home screen of the app, which includes conference news and updates , their connections list, events, and a limited chat interface that allows them to message other attendees.

connect app profile screen with paths to event details and connections list screens
connect app event details screen with callouts
connect app connections list, wristband scan, and search function screens

Interactive Experience

As part of the conference, an interactive experience installation was developed to "game-ify" networking and serve as an icebreaker between two conference attendees.

process of interactive experience element, sketch to wireframe
interactive element final color design


Players get 10 seconds to answer each question. Questions are broken up into three categories: Pick One, This or That, and Would You Rather. Questions are randomized and change every round the game is played.

interactive element questions screens


Results are calculated as a percentage. Sound and animations are used to reflect how the players did, in correlation with their percentage.

interactive element result screen
interactive element final answer screen


Players can view their answers and see where they relate. Mutual connections appear on this screen as well, and players can then choose to "Connect." This will automatically add players to each other's connections lists within the mobile app.

Promotional Video