The Client

Texas Renfest is one of the largest and most involved Renaissance festivals in the nation. Located in Todd Mission, Texas (about 55 miles northwest of Houston), this massive festival takes place every weekend from September through November. Renfest offers over 50 acres of festival grounds filled with live entertainment, restaurants, shops, markets, and costume-wearing staff and attendees and sets itself apart from the competition by offering nine unique themes that change the entire look and feel of the festival every weekend.

The Opportunity

Texas Renaissance Festival uniquely blends classic mythology with modern fantasy to create a fresh experience for visitors each weekend. I've developed a brand identity to emphasize this merging of culture and time and give the festival a more contemporary look and feel, while paying homage to the classical era that inspired it.


image of Raphael's painting, the triumph of galatea with renfest color swatches beneath
image of the typefaces kumar one outline, customized and montserrat


renfest logo process image
logo variation one cream on black
logo variation 2 in color red and yellow

Icon System

icon series for renfest

Photo Style

Texas Renfest’s photo style reflects the surreal and magical nature of the festival itself. Extreme depth-of-field and bokeh help give photos a dream-like quality and emphasize the subjects.

grid of photographs that help showcase renfest photo style. includes forest scene, people dressed as vikings, a fairy with rainbow in background, and bokeh image
billboard ad mockup posted next to major highway with cars driving
instagram mockup post introducing the king

The Jester

The last four days of the campaign are reserved for the Jester. This character will hide in landmark locations in each city. Posts on Renfest’s social media will give audiences a hint as to where the Jester will be hiding on a given day, like a scavenger hunt.

If audiences find the Jester, they are instructed to post a selfie with the character to their social media. This will automatically enter the individual in a raffle to receive a free season pass for the 2019 Renfest circuit.

instagram mockup post
instagram mockup post
mockup image of hand holding iphone with renfest app screen on it


Create a companion app that helps Renfest attendees navigate the festival grounds and see what vendors/entertainment the festival offers.

The User

To establish my primary user, I combined my research about Renfest’s target audience and interviews with my fellow peers. This user is someone who has only attended Renfest once or twice, and found the festival grounds confusing to navigate and specific shops and vendors difficult to find.

image of girl smiling and information about her persona next to her

Empathy Map

To better inform my user flow, I made an empathy map in which I considered the subject’s thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

empathy map graphic

Paper Prototypes + Usability Testing

I started with low fidelity paper prototypes to test my user flow. From this, I was able to narrow down which screens and features made sense to the user. I repeated this process several times to ensure my design modifications did not interfere with the user experience.

lofi sketches of renfest app user flow

Final Design

The home screen of the app provides an overview of what the festival has to offer. This is important so the user can easily access the information they need.

iphone mockup with renfest home screen

Vendor Screens

The vendor screens all follow the same layout to provide consistency for the user. Individual vendors are organized by categories and listed in order of highest- to least-rated.

iphone mockups with renfest feast and shoppe screen
iphone mockup of renfest app shop screen

Shop Screen

Individual shop screens provide an overview of information on the business such as hours, booth number, and rating. A thumbnail view of the map allows users to get a sense of where the shop is located in relation to them.

Map Screen

Once the user has started their route, Google Maps' navigation guide takes over to lead them to their destination. The user can exit to the home screen at any time.

instagram mockup post introducing the king

Interactive Prototype

Click on the screen to begin interacting with this prototype.