This project was a collaboration between myself, Madison Dobbs, Rachel Hakala, and Daniel Piedra. My roles included acting as Team Lead, ux/ui design for mobile app and website, copywriting, and logo design.

The Client

Founded in 2015, Stasher has created a new framework for short-term luggage storage. Stasher partners with local businesses to utilize their extra space to serve as “StashPoints” for users’ belongings, providing affordable and accessible luggage storage world-wide.

The Opportunity

Our competitor research indicates Stasher is leading the industry in cost and accessibility. They would benefit by developing a more unique brand voice, expanding avenues for user engagement via a mobile app, and highlighting Stasher’s launch into the US through social media advertising.

competitor comparison chart
donut graph of focus areas for stasher

Our Audience

We are targeting the millennial generation, ages 20–40, living in the US. We hope to appeal to those with an inner sense of adventure; people who are looking for new experiences and may be traveling spontaneously.

woman smiling and taking photo on cell phone with backpack

The Traveler

Charli McGuire


San Antonio, TX


Academic Receptionist


Middle Class





Visited Locations

Greece, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, New York, Florida, California, Illinois


The insurance in case of lost luggage. Convenient for long layovers. Prices. Blog.


Customer chat was not working. No app. The website was not intuitive. Colors and logo were generic.


Browsing through the website for Stasher, Charli expected it to be a traveling agency. Upon further browsing, she understood that Stasher was a luggage storage service. She looked at their prices first, then the cities where Stasher is located.

two women sitting on bench drinking beers and laughing


Solving the problem of traveling with stuff by providing secure and affordable luggage storage around every corner.


Providing luggage storage on the spot so you can experience your day bag-free.

Brand Voice

Stasher’s brand voice is humorous and speaks to younger audiences using casual language commonly found on social media platforms. It’s relatable and humanizes the company. The brand voice should never be condescending or seem like it’s trying too hard. It shows that Stasher knows what we’re doing and we have fun doing it.

two women taking a selfie and smiling and laughing together
woman standing on a cliff with hands in air


This tagline uses Stasher’s casual brand voice to reflect the freedom found by traveling without the burden of luggage.

previous stasher logo beside current stasher logo


We needed a logo that could reflect the young and innovative nature of Stasher, so we created a custom logotype using “All Round Gothic” as the base. The new logo better reflects Stasher’s brand identity and is well-suited for digital spaces, which is where Stasher primarily operates.


image of woman smiling at phone with color palette blocks with cmyk codes on top
image of typefaces used for stasher brand, all round gothic demi, source sans pro, open sans
four people roasting marshmallows around fire on the beach

Photo Style

Photography helps showcase the freedom and empowerment users gain when using Stasher. Subjects are depicted as relatable, enjoying their time in ways an everyday traveler would. Images are not over-edited to appear staged or fake, but minimal color editing ensures the images stay on brand.

Advertising Strategy

The campaign #StoreStuffDoStuff takes place primarily on social media, which enables Stasher to reach broader audiences and leads to greater user engagement online. If users share their images with Stasher’s social media handle and the hashtag, they may be featured on Stasher’s Instagram.

iphone mockup of stasher instagram post
gif of stasher instastory campaign
Instagram posts and content designed by Madison Dobbs and Art Directed by me.
iphone mockup of stasher instagram feed
gif of stasher instastory feed

Instagram Feed

Stasher’s Instagram feed is thoughtfully designed to be engaging and provide a unique visual experience for the user. Utilizing a combination of photography and icons, the Instagram feed remains fresh and exciting.

bus sign print ad
web ad in laptop mockup
mockup image of hand holding iphone with stasher app screen on it


Make the booking process with Stasher simple and streamlined, so travelers on-the-go can easily arrange for luggage storage.

Paper Prototypes + Usability Testing

Starting with low fidelity sketches allowed me to thoroughly test my user flow and ensure the booking process was simple and easy.

lofi sketches of stasher app user flow with call-out comments

Final Design

Users are able to navigate through the app without being forced to sign in right away. This promotes greater user engagement and makes the app accessible to larger audiences.

iphone mockup of stasher app

Booking Process

Once the user begins the booking process, the app will take them through all the necessary steps right away (location, dates, and number of bags).

iphone mockup of booking process screens. calendar and bag select
iphone mockup of search results in map and list form

Search Results

Once the location, dates, and number of bags have been selected, the user is brought back to the home screen where they can confirm the information is correct. Search results appear as location pins on the interactive map. A “list view” of search results is available as well.

StashPoint Profile

The StashPoint profile screen provides a physical address of the location, a phone number for contact, and user reviews. If a StashPoint is nearing full storage capacity, an alert can be seen on the thumbnail images.

namira stashpoint profile screen

Create Account

Once a user selects the “Book It” option, they will finally be prompted to create an account. A credit card must be linked upon account creation, as all payments are done digitally through the app.

create account screens
mockup of person scanning security tag with their iphone


The app recognizes users have reached their StashPoint via internal GPS. Every bag stored through Stasher receives a security tag (StashTag) to ensure safety. The app will prompts users to scan the QR code on each tag in order to link the item to the user’s personal account.

Users are given the option to document their luggage condition. They are able to “skip this step” if they choose, and are alerted that doing so may affect their insurance claims. The user receives a unique confirmation code to keep track of their booking.

luggage documentation screens

Missed Pick-Up

The app provides several avenues for rescheduling pick-up time. If a user is unable to retrieve their bags by their StashPoint’s closing time, they will be automatically charged the next day’s fee of $5.

missed pickup notification and reschedule pickup screens

Personalized Account

Once users have logged into their personal account, saved StashPoints appear on the home screen of the app. From the user’s account screen, they can update personal information, view their Stasher booking history, and access reviews and images they’ve contributed to the app.

leave review notification. app home screen with saved stashpoints. user profile screen.

Website Animation

We developed a unique animation, using our icons, to help tell the story of the experience of using Stasher. This serves as the loading screen to the Stasher website.

Animation created by Rachel Hakala. Icons designed by Daniel Piedra.

Website | Main Page

The website provides another avenue for users to book with Stasher, so information needs to be readily accessible. The look and feel of the website was also updated to better reflect Stasher’s brand identity and set them apart from their competitors.

png of stasher website design main page

Website | About Us Page

We incorporated a unique “Meet the Team” interface on the website to help recognize the faces behind Stasher. On hover, location pins appear on each team member. On click, a short blurb tells you about them.

png of stasher website design about us page
image of York Street JPress storefront with stasher branding photoshopped on the window


StashPoints need unique Stasher branding to help indicate to users that the location is being used by them. Not only does this aid users in navigating to StashPoints, but provides Stasher additional advertising.


simplified icons of the design team with text that says thank you! in larger purple letters